In week 9 & 10 we had the privilege to listen & learn from our classmates Pecha Kucha’s which was very interesting.

When presenting my ‘Pecha Kucha’ on Richard Avedon I personally struggled with condensing my points into 20 second intervals because I just had too much to tell! Even though I had practised at home, and due to nerves on the day my points still went over time but I quickly finished that sentence and moved onto the next point.

The person that I thought had the same issues as me, was Lily. She simply had too much to tell! While her points about Twentieth Century Posters & Advertising were magnificent they were hard to understand as she was speaking so fast and fell behind her slides. I personally thought Lily’s presentation was very interesting and I now have a great insight on early advertising & how the ability to travel (with the invention of cars, boats etc.) changed that.

Below is an advertisement she talked about in her Pecha Kucha:


image ref:

The second person I’d like to review is Navia, she went first in presenting and I found her presentation on ‘Organic Designs’ very intriguing. She had timed her points almost to perfection and even added in a personal slide at the end about her organic HSC project design (an outdoor chair). She explained what organic design was very well & explored it’s many branches.


While this isn’t quite Navia’s HSC work, it is a good example of an organic design.
Image ref:

Overall I think the class did very well in presenting their Pecha Kucha’s, we all had a very broad array of subjects which was good. I found it very interesting that even though our subjects were so broad, they still inter-related, for example in my presentation I spoke briefly about Alexey Brodovitch as he worked with Richard Avedon for some time, and in another presentation they also spoke about Brodovitch but in a different era of his life.


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