Week 3 Tutorial: Eggcellent Eggs

In this weeks tutorial following the isotype reading Simone asked us to draw and instructional drawing explaining how to draw an egg without using any words.

I chose to draw how to cook hard boiled eggs. It’s surprising how challenging this task actually was, especially the time element. How do you inform the audience of how long to cook the eggs for without using numbers?
Well my team member came up with an ‘eggcellent’ idea to draw an egg timer. Which none of us thought to draw.

Below is my drawing:

How to Boil An Egg Isotype.

The Simone requested we combine our ideas and create one as a group. Below is what our group illustrated.
Step 1: Boil the Kettle
Step 2: Pour water & wait until hot (steam)
Step 3: Place eggs into pot
Step 4: Wait for the egg timer
Step 5: Scoop eggs out
Step 6: You have hard boiled eggs!

Group Isotype: How to boil an egg

Author: tjphoto

UON Design Student & Photographer Newcastle, AU

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