Diane Arbus: American Portraits

Lake Macquarie Art Gallery


Today I experienced Diane Arbus’s works in the flesh. And it was revolutionising.
It is one thing to see an original in text books or online, but it actually experience it sitting in front of you is a whole another experience.
You get a grasp on the actual size of the artwork, you see details you may have missed & you get to witness the actual texture of the work.
The first thing I realised when I entered the gallery was the immense open space it possesses & the sheer amount of works they have there!

Authors media.

The concept that interested me most about Diane’s works was that they weren’t of ordinary subjects. They depicted unusual beings ‘outcasts’ to society as one may put it. She shone light & drew attention to the corners of the world in which people shunned or ignored. Upon research of Arbus I learnt that she herself had severe episodes of lows and highs, I feel like this is conveyed in her works. By photographing not happy people but unaccepted people.

For example: ‘A young man in curlers at home on West 20th Street, N.Y.C.’, ‘Identical Twins’ & ‘Jewish Giant’ all portray in-ordinary people.

Sourced images: http://brooklynrail.org/2005/04/art/diane-arbus-revelations-beyond-shock

The exhibition also held exhibitions of my favourite photographer Lee Friedlander, which I had seen all of his works online through excessive research but never witnessed them in real life before.
I love his self portraits and his street shadow photographs. I try to mimic these techniques within my own photographs. His works are one of a kind and very inspirational!

Authors images. 

Author: tjphoto

UON Design Student & Photographer Newcastle, AU

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